Write It Down, It Will Be Yours

“Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which trancends everything.” -Napoleon Hill

Colleen Murphy


Photo by Prophsee Journals on Unsplash

Have you ever written down exactly what you want?

I have. Usually it is part of a journaling project or a manifestation exercise. Or those type of questions like where do you see yourself in 5 years? Then months or years later you stumble across that page again.

Every time it happens to me I find it has at least in part, become my reality.

My mother is always cleaning out her house. The other day, she showed up with a pile of things from my childhood bedroom. She does this kind of thing from time to time and it is like being dropped into your own personal time capsule.

She paraded in with huge trophies from my majorette days. My high-school cheerleading uniform was perfectly preserved in dry cleaned perfection. There were papers and report cards and a scrapbook I had made as a child.

As I turned the pages of memories, I saw my 11 year-old handwriting. The yellowing book was full of newspaper clippings and pictures of my best friends. And then I saw it.

My dreams spelled out on the page. I want to be a writer.

I was class president in 6th grade and had apparently already decided to be a writer. My little 11-year-old self had started a class newspaper.

For moment, I thought I had written the whole thing myself. A one man show. But no.

Somehow, I got the other kids to all write articles about what was going on around town. It was filled with trick-or-treating tips and local sports scores. Always the organizer.

It was created on the first Mac my family owned circa 1985. The pixelated graphics are hysterical. what I remember about that newspaper was that everyone thought it was cutting edge. The kids and teachers were blown away. Life had not transitioned past typewriters and yet, here were graphics and words. Made by kids. At home.

So here I sit typing on my MacBook Pro. No cord. On wi-fi. Could I have ever imagined this reality in 1985? I could probably launch a missle from this thing if I needed to. The world has shifted so radically.

But what hasn’t changed is me. Of course, I have grown. There have been so many lessons since that little girl ran for class president.

There were things she wanted. And she wrote them down. And they came true.



Colleen Murphy

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