We Need to Stop Adulting So Hard

Take a break from being so grown up and take time to laugh. It will make you a better person, I promise.

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My sister and I had a great conversation a few months ago. She was sick of the nonsense at work and I was tired of life, career and the daily grind. We reminisced about our childhood and young adult days when we did things just to make each other laugh. Life was an adventure and we never took ourselves too seriously. But the older we get, the more we feel to be informed about the latest political news and compelled to be career oriented, serious grown women. So we complied…and we weren’t happy.

We decided then and there it was time to make a change. We needed so desperately to laugh again. She said, we need to do something stupid just to make ourselves experience joy again. Then she proceeded to pitch me the most insane bumper sticker idea complete with a social media marketing plan. Imagine the Twitter feed, she said. It would be hysterical. So we started to plan. It is an awful, insane plan. And we are laughing so hard.

Next, enter my brother’s Twitter feed. He had been sending me daily texts of the funniest tweets he finds. It was amazing. In the middle of my day, I get the funniest text messages. Out of nowhere, I am suddenly in a great mood. I asked him to add our sister, she needs it too. Here is the first thing he sent:

You are welcome. Enjoy that Medium article. I couldn’t stop laughing. Don’t miss the caption on the photo. I almost peed my pants.

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Then he sent me a Jezebel article on the classic Christmas movie Love, Actually. If you haven’t had the pleasure, it is a ridiculous movie that is on every holiday season. If you have seen it, you know what I mean. It is an addictive story and you get into how charming the characters are, but the story is insane. This Jezebel writer skewers this movie. I couldn’t stop laughing. My brother and I texted each other lines from the article all day. Just a little taste of what I am talking about:

“Hugh Grant plays the role of “horny prime minister,” which raises the question: What percentage of Americans believe that Hugh Grant literally is the prime minister and/or boy king of the UK? I’ll bet you the number is not zero, and that is why we should all probably eat poison.”

If you haven’t seen the movie, you should watch it just so you can read this article having all of the information you need to appreciate its brilliance.

Today I was texting with a work friend. She sent, is it Friday yet? Um, it’s Tuesday. Ugh, I am not going to make it. I told her we need to laugh more. Everything has become too adult and too serious. She said, I know. Sometimes I see other people laughing and I feel really jealous. Holy crap, what is happening to all of us? We need to have fun. We need to share that fun. Spread joy. Make people laugh.

Looking miserable is not a sign you are working hard. Actually, maybe it is to some people, but so what? That’s not real. We need to let go of the need to be wound so tight that we cannot enjoy our lives. After all, why are we put on this planet? Not to check little boxes off a to-do list at work. Not to make some boss happy. We were not put here to act miserable to prove we are serious adults. We are supposed to be having a full and complete life and that means having fun and living in the moment.

The path to success in life is paved with people who make you better. The people I am motivated by are always pushing me to be better, encouraging me to try harder and bringing me joy. They improve your life with their happiness and encouragement. Only from a feeling of joyful abundance can you create the life you really desire.

Be the kind of person who pulls at the threads of the things that inspire you and make you feel good. I wish you happiness. And I hope I made you laugh.

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