The Only Thing You Need to Succeed

There is one single factor that differentiates successful people from everyone else.

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What Passion Looks Like

If you watch Miranda, you can see it in his eyes. He burns with passion for what he is creating. The crowd can see it too. As the camera pans to capture the reaction, the audience goes from laughing at the crazy concept to nodding in disbelief at what Miranda is singing. Very little context is provided for the song. It is just one piece of what would be a masterpiece of a musical, but this crowd is hearing these words for the very first time. The lyrics are undoubtedly brilliant but it is Miranda’s passion that sells the song. You can feel the emotion in his performance, fueling every word.

What Passion Feels Like

First and foremost, it feels genuine. The only way to develop real passion for a project is to fall in love with it. You can’t create at a high level if you are copying someone else or doing something because other people think it is cool. We all love accolades and to be encouraged but those are just the icing on the cake. True success comes when you find your flow, the unending stream of energy to work and create and develop your idea.

Once You Have Found It

Of course, none of this guarantees Hamilton level success. After reading the Ron Chernow biography of the founding father, Miranda became inspired. He said “ Alexander Hamilton ‘out-Dickens’ Dickens in the unlikeliness of this man’s rise from his humble beginnings”. It took Miranda an entire year to write the second song in the musical, My Shot. Think about spending an entire year of your free time on writing one song. It had to be perfect and he knew it. Undoubtedly, that song contributed more to the success of the musical than any other. But it took incredible determination to stick with this project. And that takes love of your creation.

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