Play With Your Food

Non-profit organizations are making a difference in child hunger through inspired creations.

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Photo: Colleen Murphy

Canstruction is art on a mission. Since 1992, the non-profit organization has been making artistic creations using non-perishable canned goods. In that time, they have delivered 82 million pounds of food to hunger relief organizations worldwide.

The sculptures made entirely of canned goods are donated by corporations and design industry professionals. They have turned their sculpture project into a competition stretching across 150 cities and 8 countries. All participants are volunteers drawing from the fields of architecture, engineering, contracting and construction. Tomorrow is the final judging, administered by a celebrity panel. Admission is free to view the sculptures. Visitors are encouraged to bring a can to donate as their price of admission.

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Photo: Colleen Murphy

Canstruction has partnered with City Harvest, New York’s largest food rescue organization. City Harvest is an incredible organization supporting food pantries and soup kitchens across the 5 boroughs. And in a city where 1 in 5 children face hunger as a problem on a daily basis, the need is desparate.

Cost of living has far outpaced wages in cities like New York. Families find themselves struggling to cover the most basic necessities like food, shelter and childcare. In a world where people continue to struggle for the survival, it is our moral imperative to act. What better way than to inspire change through art?

Statistics put the amount of food we waste in the United States at 40%. We actually are producing and trashing that much food. At the same time, we have young children showing up hungry at school. Thankfully, there are organizations like City Harvest making the connection between the need and our local farms, restaurants and grocers. They operate 7 days a week running refrigerated trucks between donors and distribution sites.

“35 million people in the U.S. are hungry or don’t know where their next meal is coming from, and 13 million of them are children. If another country were doing this to our children, we’d be at war.”

Jeff Bridges

The fact that any child faces a lack of food in 2019 is appalling. But instead of spending time on outrage, we should be finding solutions. So many people look to donate this time of year. With Thanksgiving approaching those who can afford to help should consider how best to do so. An insignificant amount of money to you can make a big difference in the life of a child.

Volunteering, donating your money, time or food are all gratefully accepted by most organizations. Unfortunately, New York City is not alone in suffering through the problem of hunger. Click here to find local food pantries in need in your area.

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