Embarrass your Kids it’s Good for Them

Memories are created in those uncommon moments when we let loose and have some fun.

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I remember seeing this emotionally impactful video many years ago. There was a mom who was dying of cancer and she spent hours, days over the course of a year making videos for her kids. She gave them all the advice she wouldn’t be around to give as they grew older. Dating, raising children, career advice, she covered everything. It was incredible. But after she passed away, her young daughter was interviewed. What do you remember most about your mom? The girl said she remembered waking up in the middle of the night and going downstairs and eating Cheerios together because it was so special.

The thing about parenting is, kids don’t remember the day-in and day-out work we do for them. They may not remember every vacation. They certainly will not remember all the baths you gave, all the lunches you made or all the times you ran their forgotten items up to school.

They remember the weird stuff. Out of the ordinary, strange moments where everything went wrong. They remember the times you acted crazy. Maybe you lost it. Maybe you made them laugh. Not every moment is an opportunity to create a lasting memory. But when you get them, don’t let them slip away. I highly recommend embarrassing your kids. I have two middle schoolers. Believe me, it is really easy…and so much fun.

A girlfriend of mine was struggling with her teenage daughter rolling her eyes and being a general pain in the ass. They were walking into her middle school and the dad says, ok I can’t stop your attitude. But you can’t stop this. I’m going to teach you how to dougie right here. Hysterical. She will never remember all of the eye-rolling she did, but will not forget her dad’s antics in the parking lot that day. I love that.

Jerry O’Connell (who will always be Vern from Stand by Me) is knocking it out of the park in the embarrassing your children department. This is real music!

I love that his girls are inside the car and still mortified. Please, we are in front of the high school! And the whole scene is immortalized on Twitter for us all to enjoy. Forever.

One of the best videos I have ever seen was this dad picking his son up on the last day of school dressed as Michael Phelps.

Why you ask? The dad, Justin Beadles told an Oklahoma news station that his own father always told him make a memory everyday. Yes. Exactly. Justin lost his dad and feels like moments like this remind him to appreciate life and to make great memories.

Life is too short to be so serious all of the time. Have courage. Be kind. Work hard. Follow your passion. Surround yourself with kind people. Get inspired. But whatever you do, don’t forget to make someone laugh.

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