Design Thinking for the Modern Startup

How the principles of Design Thinking changed my perspective from hourly employee to startup founder.

Photo by Krisztian Tabori on Unsplash

Enter IDEO

As she threw out possible suggestions including returning to school for an MBA (we both quickly decided this would be a waste), we happened upon a great option. Her university had sent some of their top Project Managers to a program at Stanford University called IDEO U. Founded by David Kelley, the program is design centered focusing on products and strategies. Kelley’s design resume as head of his firm by the same name includes products such as the firs Apple mouse.

Hello Design Thinking

I signed up for the intro class that day. It was quite simply, a revelation. My mind expanded into new thinking methods. Instead of making everything a linear, prudent, measured creation, why not unleash your creativity with no boundaries? How about solving the problem in the best way possible and figuring out how executable that plan is later?

Learn to Ideate

IDEO focuses their instruction on learning to problem solve from a human perspective. The very first projects introduced were the result of brainstorming sessions. Choose items someone may carry with them every day. The exercise became combining two items that seemingly have nothing to do with one another. A credit card and an umbrella. A wallet and a dog leash. The point of the exercise is not necessarily to come up with the next big invention, but to unlock creative potential by practicing inventing.

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM Photo: Colleen Murphy

The Results

I went into my meeting looking for career advice. A few weeks later, I was pitching my new startup idea to a friend, hoping to gain a partner. By simply letting go of preconceived notions about design and creativity, I was able to unlock my own inner creative and launch an innovative concept.

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