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Comedian Tina Fey penned Mean Girls the 2004 movie, a classic comedy poking fun at the real issue of girl-on-girl bullying. The unchecked insecurity of alpha-girl Regina George is unleashed on anyone in her orbit in devastating fashion. And we can all relate.

Tina shared her mean-girl past with

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It is nearly impossible to escape childhood without sustaining some kind of hurt. But there are statements parents make that cross the line into emotional abuse. Those scars can be carried for many years and affect emotional, behavioral and intellectual development.

The way you are parented creates your personality and…

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Have you ever written down exactly what you want?

I have. Usually it is part of a journaling project or a manifestation exercise. Or those type of questions like where do you see yourself in 5 years? Then months or years later you stumble across that page again.

Every time…

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Have you ever experienced turbulence on a flight? I hate that feeling. My stomach drops. I grip the armrests. I frantically look for the flight attendants to search their faces, looking for signs of alarm.

And every time, they look calm. No big deal. …

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The advice you typically read is very simple. Here are the top ten reg flags in a relationship. If you see one, run.

But honestly, should we always run? Is it possible we are cutting people off way too soon?

Some people may show us truly bad signs. I will…

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Years ago, I was at a party. It was your typical early 90’s high school, keg-fueled, red solo cup kind of affair. I only remember glimpses of the night.

Taking long sips straight from a bottle of vodka left me with hazy memories after an hour. I remember opening my…

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If we are in the third wave of feminism then why is it so difficult to talk about female sexuality? Should the most basic functioning of our bodies be off-limits in normal conversations? I am not saying you can’t find daring articles pushing the boundaries and exploring female sexuality….but are…

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Romeo and Juliet. Not a great story. Girl meets boy. They fall in love over a weekend and cause so much mayhem that several people died.

Fifty Shades of Grey. Girl meets boy. He says what he wants out of life and she methodically sets about deconstructing his vision of…

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The women in my life are incredible.

We don’t hear that enough. People love a story that highlights the negative. Mean girl culture makes the news. Competitive parenting reigns on the sports fields.

Magazine covers, red carpets and reality TV all exhibit plastic standards of beauty. We inadvertantly find ourselves…

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